In 2020, Catsuka celebrates its 20th anniversary !
Here's a friendly call for artists interested to play with Catsuka's mascots through drawings or animations !

In the past, these mascots have already been honored with many fanarts and banners (for the Catsuka website), as well as animations created for the Catsuka TV program I produced on Nolife channel.

To mark this 20th anniversary, I hope that you may want to draw or animate these mascots again freely, as you wish, with your own style.

Regarding the new animations, you can make very short ones, or loops, or as you wish ! And it's not necessary to display the Catsuka logo in your animation.

Your creations will be posted separately from May 30, 2020 (Catsuka's anniversary date) on Catsuka website and social networks, then throughout the year (see deadlines below).
All your creations will be gathered on a special webpage, and at the end of the year I will also make a special video edit with your work, which will notably be screened during a special Catsuka event in a Paris theater.

As an aside, Catsuka was created in 1999, but it was initially an "intranet" website only accessible from the school where I was studying. I put the site online a year later, on May 30, 2000.
And for 20 years, I manage Catsuka alone, on my free time.

In advance I thank those who will take part to this adventure !

And I wish you all good luck in this complicated / confined period.

Marc (Tsuka)

Contact :


Deadline (animations) :
Submission start date: April 10, 2020
Submission deadline: October 15, 2020

Format: 1920x1080 or 1080x1080 (with or without sound)
Framerate: 25ips (but if it's less, no problem !)
Duration: as you wish! (even a few seconds)

Online publications (via Catsuka):
From May 30, 2020 to December 1, 2020
(+ cinema screening at the end of the year)

No deadline for fanarts and banners!

The fanarts are all published here.

The banners are all published here.
And the banners selected (by Gobi and me) appear randomly in the header of the Catsuka site.
Banner format: 980x254 (see PSD template)

I will also publish new fanarts & banners on a special 20 years page

You can send me your creations on the address :

And of course you can join forces to make creations!

RESOURCES : Catsuka logo [PNG] [EPS] | Catsuka banner template [PSD]


Captain Catsuka
(the hero !)

P3 ("Peecube")
Pierrick le Poulpe Puissant
Pierrick the Mighty Octopus
(Capsuka's companion)

The nemesis of Capsuka!
In a relationship with Badsukette.

Original designs:

NB: Catsuka's mascots were created by Baptiste Gaubert aka Gobi (Capsuka & Badsuka) and Jeremy Giraud aka Fik Le Roux (P3)


Gobi has developed the Capsuka design over the years, so feel free to play with it in your own style !



NB: character created by Balak for special Catsuka TV programs on Nolife channel.


A demoreel of jingles and animated openings made for Catsuka TV program on Nolife (2010-2018) :

Click on the images to see the videos :

Ident by David Encinas

Ending by Cédric Hérole

Opening by Wolfsmoke Studio

Ident by Kosal Sok

Opening by Sylvain Magne

Opening by Ben Li

Ident by Davy Durand

Ident by ODA

Ident by Irondavz

Ident by David Mussel

Ident by Tato

Ident by ODA

Ident by Malec

Ident by Ben Fiquet

Ident by Balak

Ident by DenX

Ident by Fafah Togora

Opening by Malec

Ident by Kawanimation

Special animation by Monsieur Flap


Some examples of banners currently installed in the header of the Catsuka site:

By Gobi

By Slim

By Ioan

By MoC

By Mitch
> See all the banners

> [PSD Template]


Stephane Le Brethon

Yip Yip
> See all the fanarts


GIF by Keke Flipnote
Header by Bill Otomo.

More informations about Catsuka in a video I made for my Patreon.

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