Short films
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Various short films (pros, indies ...)
Vampires - Ricard Ubach
Taisu Project - Trailer 3
Fate/Grand Order - Memorial Movie 2023
Xitlacua cualli (Annecy 2023 / Gobelins)
Madre (Annecy 2023 / Gobelins)
Jineteo de yegua (Annecy 2023 / Gobelins)
Clavel gris (Annecy 2023 / Gobelins)
Siesta y fiesta (Annecy 2023 / Gobelins)

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Short films made to sell projects (series, movies ...).
Postman Above the Clouds (Pilot)
You Ming Zhi - Slaying the Dragon (Proof of concept / China)
Little Nemo - Pilot (Sadao Tsukioka) 1980
Little Nemo - Pilot (Osamu Dezaki) 1987
Little Nemo - Pilot (Yoshifumi Kondo) 1984
Princess Apocalypse - Animatic
Electro Andes - Pilot (Bellolandia)
Shenku - Trailer
Round & Round the Wishing Well / Trois contes aux petits oignons (Teaser)
Playground - Trailer

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Episodes from TV series, web series ...
My Mu - Episode 1
Alien Stage - Round 3
ODEON (episode 6) Cake / FXX
ODEON (episode 5) Cake / FXX
ODEON (episode 4) Cake / FXX
ODEON (episode 3) Cake / FXX
Alien Stage - Round 2
Alien Stage - Round 1
Alien Stage - Prologue
Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack - Movie (JP sub Multi)

Music videos
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Music videos and other clips
EVE - Kororon
Marvel Snap - Go wide or go home
EVE - Adventure Log
Ticking Away - Valorant Champions 2023 Anthem
X2 - Music Video
Soul Fighter - Coming Alive (League of Legends)
Connected - Ayumi Hamasaki
Catsuka Mascots Tributes (2023 clip)
Daft Punk - Infinity Repeating (2013 Demo)
Aurus - Still Alive

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Commercials, idents and other promotional/commissioned films.
Pocari Sweat - Ion Supply Drink now in Nigeria
Pocari Sweat - Bintang SMA 2019
Pocari Sweat - Bintang SMA
Pokemon WCS2023 - Commercial
Azuki Elementals
Let It Rip - Megan Rapinoe - Nike Football
Rush Royale - The Archer
Nike - Chamber Of Fear
Hellow - Jonathan Djob Nkondo
Réalistes - Sorties BD 2023 (Trailer Long)

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Cinematic videos and other sequences made for video games.
Hanjuku Hero 4 - Opening (PlayStation 2)
Omega Strikers - Opening (Studio Trigger)
Rainbow Six Siege: Brava's Interception
Ghost In The Shell - Playstation (OP) Upscale
Time Gal - Cutscenes / Upscale (Taito/Toei, 1985)
Aetheris - Trailer
Brawl Stars Animation : Year of the Tiger! - Part 2
Brawl Stars Animation : Year of the Tiger! - Part 1
Brawl Stars : Brawl-o-ween
Brawl Stars : Welcome to the Castle!

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Openings/endings from TV series, movies, festivals ...
Lincoln - Opening
Spider-Man : Across the Spider-Verse / Main on End Titles
One Piece - Ending 19
Link Click - Saison 2 - Opening
Dirty Pair - Project Eden (Opening)
Queen Charlotte - A Bridgerton Story (Opening)
Blades of The Guardians - Opening
Ranking of Kings - Treasure Chest of Courage : Opening
Heavenly Delusion : Opening
Chainsaw Man : Ending #11 (Kamata)

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Various trailers.
The Concierge - Music Video
Scissor Seven - Season 4 - Trailer
The Diary of Ochibi-san - Trailer
Castlevania : Nocturne (Final Trailer)
La Mort du Petit Cheval (To Beat a Dead Horse) - Trailer
Contes et Silhouettes - Trailer
Phoenix : Eden17 (Final Trailer)
Yuki 7 - Hotel Kolkata - Trailer (Season 2)
Dome-King Cabbage - Gamescom 2023 Trailer
Junk World - Announcement video

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Misc excerpts.
The Monkey King - 2D Animated Sequence
KOKO (Preview / CatsuKut)
Uzumaki - Preview
Rick and Morty - The Anime - 1st look
All Saints Street - Eyecatches
SEX - Prologue (Preview / Catsukut)
Tatami Time Machine Blues - Preview
Tokyo Godfathers - Stage Play (preview)
Aespa SM Culture Universe ep2 (animations by Kim Kyeongbae)
Inu-Oh - Extrait

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Official animators & studios demoreels.
Ricard Ubach - Demoreel 2021-2022
Leandro Vargas - Demoreel 2023
Arcane - 2DFX Reel - Guillaume Degroote
VCRWORKS - Showreel 2023
Science SARU 10th Anniversary Video
Curie Lu - 2D Animation Reel 2022
Seung Eun Kim - Demoreel 2022
Studio Meala - Showreel Year One
Double Plus Productions - Demoreel

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Videos about animators, mainly japanese "MAD" (aka unofficial demoreels made by fans).
Sharon Apple Concert #3 (Macross Plus)
Sharon Apple Concert #2 (Macross Plus)
Sharon Apple Concert #1 (Macross Plus)
Chibi Maruko-chan (Movie 2) - Drag racing in 1969
Chibi Maruko-chan (Movie 2) - Kaimono boogie
Toshiyuki Inoue - Sakuga MAD 2022
James Baxter - Wolfwalkers pencil test
James Baxter - Medusa test
Christoph Thoenes (CT BM / Yen BM) Demoreel 2022
Misaki no Mayoiga - Preview

Making Of
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Making of videos, featurettes, conferences ...
Prince of Egypt - Pencil tests
Jin-Roh - Line Tests (Upscale)
Pokémon Concierge : Behind the scenes
DyE - Fantasy / Animatic vs. Final (Comparison)
Hidari - Behind the scenes
Del Toro's Pinocchio - Behind The Scenes (Insider)
Rebuild of Evangelion:3.0+1.11 (Making-of Video)
Catsuka Special : Masaaki Yuasa & Inu-Oh (Angoulême 2022)
Deep Sea : Behind the Scenes
The Bad Guys : Anatomy of a Car Chase (VFX Reel)

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Tributes & also parodies ...
31 Minutos - Akira
Waluigi tribute (Demoonray)
Pui Pui Molcar x Nausicaa (Animist)
One Piece - Fan Animation by Etienne Guignard
Clash of Blades (Star Wars fanfilm)
Ningen Tte Ii Na (tribute by TokeruIC)
Goodbye, All of Evangelion (tribute by TokeruIC)
Cowboy Bebop - Fan Animation by Volta
Dragon Ball Super Fan-Animation : Ultra Instinct VS Ultra Ego
Evangelion x Nadia (fake ending / fan animation)

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Various things.
Guillermo del Toro on Hayao Miyazaki (TIFF 2023)
Link Click - Season 2 - Episode Title Animation
Runaway - Trailer
Phoenix : Eden17 (Preview)
Ranma 1/2 - 3DCG tribute
Vingt ans après - Fake trailer
Hula Hoop Loop
The Moon and Me (Kickstarter video)
ONI exhibition (Play! Museum, Japan, 2023)
The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (Multi Subs)

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Jean Reno x Doraemon (Toyota commercials)
Sailor Moon Live
MTV - Sex is not accident - Flying Girl
MTV - Sex is not accident - Vespa
MTV - Sex is not accident - Waterski
The Governator - Trailer
Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos - Intro
Foot Locker + Asics
Gomenasai – Tatu

Catsuka TV show
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Catsuka TV show broadcasted on french "Nolife" channel (2010-2018).
Le dernier Catsuka sur Nolife - Émission n°166
Catsuka sur Nolife - Émission n°165
Catsuka sur Nolife - Émission n°164
Catsuka sur Nolife - Émission n°163
Catsuka sur Nolife - Émission n°162
Catsuka sur Nolife - Émission n°161
Catsuka sur Nolife - Émission n°160
Catsuka sur Nolife - Émission n°159
Catsuka sur Nolife - Émission n°158
Catsuka sur Nolife - Émission n°157

Movie Trailers
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Worldwide animation feature movies trailers.
Linda veut du poulet ! (Trailer FR)
Robot Dreams (Trailer1 ES)
Sirocco et le Royaume des courants d'air (Trailer1 FR)
The Peasants (Trailer EN)
Four Souls of Coyote (Trailer EN)
Flow (Trailer1 EN)
Scarygirl (Trailer EN)
Marcel The Shell With Shoes On (Trailer EN)
My Love Affair with Marriage (Trailer EN)
The Concierge (Trailer1 JP)