Vulvine Reine d'Extase (Gobelins)  

Director : Clémence ANDRE, Nawel BAHAMOU, Ming-Chieh CHANG, Théo GUYOT, Mary YANKO
Production : Gobelins

Warning : This film contains violence and scenes some viewers might find disturbing.

Vulvine Reine d'Extase (Vulvina Queen of Ecstasy) 2022 graduation animated short film from Gobelins school, by 5 directors from France, Taiwan, and Ukraine.

Vulvina has just separated from her ex, but a strange encounter will change her love life and perhaps even endanger her kingdom.

Directors : Clémence ANDRE, Nawel BAHAMOU, Ming-Chieh CHANG, Théo GUYOT, Mary YANKO

Soundtrack : Amandine ROBILLARD, Anna CORDONNIER
Sound editor : Cedric DENOOZ
Mix : Cedric DENOOZ
Voice : Elise PETTIGREW
Distribution : Miyu

Team contact :
Twitter : @VulvinelaReine

Video added on 2023 April 22th

© Gobelins

Tags : xxx

Offline video ? (already reported)

Note: This video is unlisted on the Catsuka Player, and cannot be found by the search function. It's part of the adult section, also inaccessible from the browser interface of the site. Users who have discovered this link know with a clear conscience what they are looking at.

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