Catsuka Player accounts

By registering on Catsuka Player, you'll be able to :

- add favorites
- sort your favorites
- watch your favorites as a playlist
- embed your playlist on your website
- find your favorites on Catsuka Player homepage

Don't hesitate to write to me ( if you have any ideas (or issues) about the interface.


Notes about Catsuka Player user account features :

When logged in / see the icon in the header menu.

You can see all your favorites on your dashboard (where you can also delete favorites).

You can sort your favorites by drag & drop widget.

You can watch your favorites as a playlist, with its own features (sorting by categories, searching mode...).

You can embed your own playlist on other websites.

You can add favorites by clicking on hearts icons on many pages (videos pages, updates, search, categories, highlights ...).

Your favorites are also displaying on Catsuka Player homepage.

I also provide public playlists (Highlights and Latest Updates) that you can embed on your website.

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