Lone Wolf and Cub Gallery Edition

Release date : 2018-07-17

Language : English

Authors : Kazuo Koike

Publisher : Dark Horse Manga

Description : Kazuo Koike's samurai epic is a tour de force of graphic fiction, and Lone Wolf and Cub Gallery Edition features selections of the late Goseki Kojima's spectacular illustration reproduced at original size on heavy-stock art paper to preserve the work in detail as it exists today, as close as one can come to owning these rarest of artworks. Including in its entirety the final titanic clash between Ogami Itto and Yagyu Retsudo. this deluxe volume is must for collectors and for enthusiasts of the finest comic art ever created. Reproduced from high-resolution scans at original size from the original art created over forty years ago! Accompanied by corresponding reproductions in English. Lone Wolf & Cub is an internationally acclaimed classic of graphic fiction.

EAN : 9781506707396

Category : Artbooks
Subcategory : Comics/Illustration

Date added : 2018-08-02

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