Release date : 2018-06-12

Language : Japanese

Description : A collaboration led by Anno Hideaki and Dwango jointly organized the "Japan Animation (Exhibition) Fair", which delivered a unique and experimental group of 36 episodes to the world, invited various reactions both at home and abroad. This book is the fourth installment of the visual book series that stuffs the attractiveness of the image and behind the scenes. "ME! ME! ME!" Is a short animation delivered on the official website "Japanese Anime (- TA) Fair" in November 2014. Yoshizaki Hikikoshi for the director, Shoichi Iseki for character design and drawing director, TeddyLoid & DAOKO for music. Without serifs, he garnered attention as an unprecedented innovative short animation composed of music and image scenes, and not only in Japan but also abroad also beat out an amazing number of views. In this book, under the supervision of Director Yoshiaki Akira, animation is broken down along the process of "ME! ME! ME!" Initial posting of initial image boards, containers, setting materials, original drawings. Also included is a new drawing drawing by drawing staff. In addition to director / Yoshiaki Yoshihonro and painting director / Shuichi Iseki's commentary shot, TeddyLoid Mr. DAOKO's comment by Mr. TeddyLoid who created music essential for talking about this work will also be posted. Planning / editing: Color Co., Ltd. Planning cooperation: Dwango Co., Ltd. Ground Works: Issue: Japan Animation - Tata Fair limited liability business association Sales: Ground Works Co., Ltd.: Rights notation: nihon animator mihonichi LLP.

EAN : 9784905033172

Category : Artbooks
Subcategory : Animation

Date added : 2018-09-23

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