mirage :: The Art Of Akima (Japan)

Release date : 2018-01-01

Language : Japanese

Publisher : KADOKAWA

Description : Introduction Akima's first art book that continued to draw the final city scenery with overwhelming preciseness, appeared here! Something is different as it seems to be familiar. It seems to be the cityscape of the real city, somewhere decadent. With overwhelming force and unique feeling, with the city labyrinth of the last labyrinth I have continued to draw figures of the girls who wander around there An up-and-coming illustrator Akima's first art collection appeared here. Including some written works, A carefully selected number of illustrations are recorded in a large size of A4 transformation. It is a specification that can fully enjoy the realism of the work of the author.

EAN : 9784046040411

Category : Artbooks
Subcategory : Comics/Illustration

Date added : 2019-01-19

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