Rick and Morty: Show Me What You Got

Release date : 2019-11-19

Language : English

Authors : Gallery 1988

Publisher : Titan Books

Description : Explore the extraordinary Rick and Morty artwork from the sell-out Gallery 1988 exhibition in this exclusive collection. Delve into the worlds of Rick and Morty in this stunning memento showcasing the best of the Gallery 1988 exhibition. Together with Adult Swim, the gallery commissioned a series of art pieces to celebrate moments, characters, storylines, and episodes from the show. The event was a huge hit and the limited pieces sold out at one one-hundredth the speed of reality. Rick and Morty: Show Me What You Got allows fans to explore the stunning artwork from the exhibition. Artists have contributed passionately made posters, sculptures, book covers, hip flasks and much more to commemorate this beloved series. Discover what inspired them, see their work in progress, and enjoy a collection of stunning, original Rick and Morty artwork.

EAN : 9781789092073

Category : Artbooks
Subcategory : Animation

Date added : 2019-11-03

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