Sousou lllustration Making & Visual Book

Release date : 2018-05-16

Language : Japanese


Description : Illustrator depicting a transparent emotion Refreshingly, long-awaited first book collection It is an elaborate depiction that expresses clear colors and hair individually, Illustrator attracting a lot of people It is refreshingly, a long-awaited first book collection. In this book collection carefully selected works from the beginning of the activity to the present are recorded. In addition to this, making of two works that draw down the writer's thoughts and procedures in detail, Rough sketch of treasures, including an interview article closer to the secret of creation. I packed the charm of the writer without any extra in the volume that is close to 200 pages. Moreover, by adopting B5 wide size format and state-of-the-art high definition printing (brilliant palette) It is a specification that you can enjoy all the charm of the original work to every corner.

EAN : 9784798154374

Category : Artbooks
Subcategory : Comics/Illustration

Date added : 2018-09-23

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