The MLaaTR Sketchbook: By the artists from My Life as a Teenage Robot

Release date : 2018-12-28

Language : English

Authors : Rob Renzetti

Publisher : Independently published

Description : It's hard to imagine the lifetime of talent and skill that goes into the art of an animated cartoon. "The MLaaTR Sketchbook" from the artists behind "My Life as a Teenage Robot" gives a glimpse into the work of four dozen of the world's best. "If an animated cartoon is well executed it may give the viewer the impression he is watching a cartoon actor handling individual props and performing on an imaginative set. In reality, of course, the character, props, and set are actually thousands of separate images recreated repeatedly by dozens of different artists across two continents. A key goal of an animation designer is to create an image strong enough to survive its long journey of reinterpretation with its style and personality intact. These pages contain a very small sampling of the images designed by our artists to be both functional and inspiring. These original pencil sketches reveal the artistsī thought processes and exhibit raw personality that can never be completely duplicated." -Alex Kirwan, 'Teenage Robot' art director This second edition sketchbook from Frederator Books includes larger and clear images and a new cover.

EAN : 9781730934414

Category : Artbooks
Subcategory : Animation

Date added : 2019-03-17

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