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News postée le 17 Novembre 2023 à 16h16 par Tsuka
News postée le 17 Novembre 2023
à 16h16 par Tsuka
Catégories : Court-métrages
Tags : emmanuelle walker wizz


OMW / Le Jour où je me suis ramassée dans l'champ
(court métrage d'Emmanuelle Walker)

OMW / Le Jour où je me suis ramassée dans l'champ (court métrage d'Emmanuelle Walker)

L'animatrice et illustratrice Emmanuelle Walker signe un très beau court métrage nommé Le Jour où je me suis ramassée dans l'champ - ou OMW pour son titre anglais - qu'elle a réalisé chez WIZZ.

Un petit film très personnel qui prends place à Québec où elle a grandi, et où prennent aussi place quelques galères du quotidien.

Et j'en profite pour signaler que j'ai référencé le mois dernier sur Catsuka Shopping un joli livre jeunesse (avec des calques) qu'elle a illustré : Solidaires : L'entraide dans la nature.

English version :

French version :

This film is set in the beautiful province of Quebec where I grew up, so the original version had to be in French.

After years in the animation industry, I wanted to direct a film with no constraints. I wanted to write a story for myself. With a carte blanche and team of animators from Wizz, I seized the opportunity to write a short film. It is a film without concern of an audience, a film that I would want to watch. In reality, I never wrote a single word. This film was born from 'frames' that felt natural to illustrate and animate. It was a purely visual endeavor, a puzzle of scenes. The basic idea was simply to have a character go through a day akin to an obstacle course where troubles pile up, but at every 'pothole,' the character would get up and continue. This character, detached from each unpleasant moment, moves forward without hesitation. In hindsight, with my personal revelations and discussions with friends, I realised the subconscious symbols of my film. All of which stemmed from a storyboard-based and entirely automatic writing process. Naturally, I anticipated questions about the snake. Indeed, the image of the snake can evoke temptation and death. A snake is often associated with chaos, especially when it slithers along a woman's leg. However, as depicted in Renaissance works, it is also a symbol of rebirth and immortality. Thanks again to my team for their hard work, I’m grateful for the opportunity offered by my lovely rep Wizz.

Director, Storyboard, Designs : Emmanuelle Walker
Backgrounds: Basile Godard & Emmanuelle Walker
2D Animation: Vincent Albert, Lison Breton, Virgile Chereaud, Valentin Giuili, Yosi Hsu, Alexis Maurice, Marie Toury, Emmanuelle Walker

3D Animation and Modeling: Hugo Garnier

2D FX Animation: Paul Bouchart

Compositing: Guillaume Cassuto, Elliott Kajdan

Music - "Oxygène" Germain Gauthier - Luc Plamondon - © Notation Éditions & Plamondon Publishing - With the authorisation of Peermusic France

Sound Supervision: La Cuisine

Sound Mixing, Sound Design & Mixing: Thomas Bauduin

Additional voices: Caroline Lapinte

Sound Post-Production Means: Badje

Production: WIZZ / Matthieu Poirier

Production Coordination : Akito Martel & Rebeca Hayem

English audience :

"OMW" (Le Jour où je me suis ramassée dans l'champ), a great very short animated film by Emmanuelle Walker (produced at Wizz studio).



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