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Trailers de Kihei Senki Legacies et Ichirin-sha (projets d'Anime Innovation Tokyo)

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News postée le 02/04/2010 à 08h54 par Tsuka
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Trailers de Kihei Senki Legacies et Ichirin-sha
(projets d'Anime Innovation Tokyo)

Anime Innovation Tokyo vient tout juste de mettre en ligne sur son channel Youtube les bande annonces de 2 nouveaux projets qu'ils portent (pour rappel il s'agit d'un organisme d'aide créé par la société Think Corp, et soutenu par le gouvernement japonais).

Kihei Senki Legacies tout d'abord, et dont je vous avais parlé dans mon récap du Tokyo Anime Fair, est un projet de série TV 3D de robots, designé par Daisuke Nakayama (qui travailla chez 4°C notamment comme character designer de Tweeny Witches). Les CG sont assurés par le studio Trick Block, qui avait déjà signé le joli pilote de Cavity Express également soutenu par Anime Innovation Tokyo.

Synopsis anglais : This story is set in Kissyo City, an urban zone with a vaguely unnatural atmosphere, though reminiscent of a typical modern Japanese suburb. The city is one of several oasis districts around the world that are dying due to the consequences of wars in the previous century. In the past, many large-size robots were created during wartime, though due to constant battle none have survived intact. Only the deformed and customized robots remain. These relics robots from past wars are called Legacies. Underneath the veneer of a calm and peaceful oasis, Kissyo City is being targeted by a dreadful armed group, who steal resources and the ‘secret’ of the city. Simone, the mayor and commander of the defense forces, rises to the occasion with determination, hiring 5 rogues who can operate the Legacies in defense of the city. Together they decide to counter the threat using their ‘trump card’,?99 (Omega Double Nine), a unique series of military robot that has been lying dormant for an age. Using their ‘mind’, each robot selects the pilot who should operate them. Only those who can ‘synchronize’ with these robots can board them, hence the pilots are called Synchronizer. Out of all of the combat robots, ?99 is the most challenging to pilot, requiring the highest level of operational skills. ?99, the final hope of the defense forces selects an average teenage boy called Yamato, as the synchronizer; a character who is unaware of the dangers approaching the city; a good-for-nothing who’s only apparent skill is at playing games.

Ichirin-sha est un projet de film créé par Ushio Tazawa, un ancien artiste du Studio 4°C (lui aussi), qui a aussi collaboré avec Makoto Shinkai, et qui avait notamment signé en 2002 un joli court-métrage remarqué nommé Life No Color. L'animation est produite par le studio Nomad.

Synopsis anglais : On a planet very similar to the earth... Here, the missile mechanoids had started to have its own will and control, and had been driving the human beings into serious danger.
Shaleen is the last "ICHIRIN-SHA(unicyclist)" in the world, traveling the world on his beat up motor unicycle. One day, when Shaleen is running from the attacks of the missile mechanoids, he stops by a ghost town and meets a mysterious girl who was constantly targeted by the mechanoids. She was a girl who had chosen to live alone in this ghost town, trying to avoid any others from getting involved. The girl unwelcomed his company too, but Shaleen's pushing character gradually makes her give in little by little.
However, this change of the girl's emotion takes effect on the missile mechanoids, and enlarges them at an enormous size.
What is the mystery of the girl's power?
What will become of the battle against the gigantic missile mechanoids?
This is a thrilling, action-fantasy depicting the soul interaction between Shaleen and the mysterious girl, inside a unique and majestic world.

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